The Barstreet in the Hotel Schweizerhof

Where the day ends - and the night really starts

Our hotel offers you places where you can just go for a beer or two and talk to locals and guests: our indoor barstreet

The Muli

Temporarily closed...

The Muli is the antipole to the lively Stübli. In the cozy chill out lounge, you finish your evening in a relaxed atmosphere. Homey sofas, a nice conversation and a good glass of wine from the Bündner Herrschaft or the Veltlin, two famous wine regions on the edge of the Alps. A good bouquet, we think.

Le Hall

The lobby at the Hotel Schweizerhof, classic and urban, invites you to linger. A good book, a cozy afternoon tea, a cocktail or a fine cigar in the fumoir.

Open in summer from 5.00 pm to midnight

Cigar Lounge

A well assorted choice of cigars for the lovers. Fine wine, spirits or drinks - and plenty of time to enjoy.


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