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Salon Flugi

80 m2 / 20 to 80 people

The conference technology of the Salon Flugi leaves nothing to be desired. Ideal for meetings, seminars and workshops.

Lions Hall

66 m2 / 20 to 60 people

A breakfast room in 1912, then lecture room, the Lions Hall now is ideal for your family celebration or corporate events. The elegant space overlooking the lake is the perfect spot for your seminar or workshop.

Clavadatsch Mountain Cabin

65 m2 / 8 to 60 people

A former cowshed until 1956, today the Clavadatsch hut is located in the midst of the villas in the Suvretta area. This little gem is a unique venue for a private party in the evening. Be inspired for your workshops thanks to the "best view" in St. Moritz above the restaurant.

Group Rooms Corviglia

24 m2 / 2 to 6 people

These four hotel rooms can be converted into group rooms in a second and are suitable for smaller meetings and workshops with a maximum of 6 people.


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Hotel Schweizerhof

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